"ERASMUS - the success story of Europe"

Submitted by paddes on Sat, 01/12/2019 - 17:56

On Europe Day 9th May 2018 the HOPE Club of Wittekind-Gymnasium Lübbecke invited the regional politician Thorsten Augustin working in Brussels. His interest in Europe, his long and interesting way to the capital of Europe and his daily work between meetings, preparation of conferences and speeches in institutions seems to be satisfying and creative. In an interview the HOPE students wanted to know if it is a jet-set life full of invitations and dinners. Augustin denied and illustrated a life full of travelling, reading and mediating between groups representing different interests. His open-minded way of describing his concetion of Europe fascinated our HOPE club as well as he was fascinated by our membership in the ERASMUS + program which he called "the most important and convincing success story of the European Union".