IES Miguel Catalan: HOPE Club

Submitted by paddes on Tue, 01/29/2019 - 20:09
ies miguel catalan team

The European Erasmus+ Programme has, luckily, approved a new two-year project for our school together with other four European schools.

Our new educational project is under the Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices among schools key action.

The title of the project is "Human Opportunities for Peace in Europe". Life long learning Democracy and active citizenship.

Its acronym is HOPE.

This multilateral project HOPE, provides opportunities to make democracy and empowerment for change in Europe the subject of a common learning

experience for our students.


The Project features

The HOPE project consists of three pillars to educate young people to engage themselves as active citizens in their environment, in society, and to make them contribute to European peace-development. The member students experience and practise understanding, tolerance, acceptance, creativity and problem –solving strategies.

We want to empower students with useful social strategies. Therefore, they will practice skills like debating, understanding others, problem-solving attitudes and also committment to charity.

These skills are the key to promote intercultural and civic competence among our students.

The debates, which will be an essential part in this Project, will follow the United Nations Model ( MUN). They will take place in every participating school and also in trasnational meetings in three of the schools in the Project: Luxembourg, Torun, ( Poland ) and Zilina ( Slovakia).

Students - HOPE members- in our school.

All the students in 1º BTO were informed about the Project and were given the chance to take part in it. Participation is entirely voluntary and around 30 motivated students took part in our first meeting.

The Miguel Catalán Hope Group meets on Mondays, twice every month, when the lessons finish ( at 3pm). In these meetings they not only debate but also do other tasks suggested by the coordinating team.

Project Aims

The project will promote youth values, European awareness and individual responsibilities to support democracy. It will explore and promote students´ curiosity and political concern in a rule of law state which aims at no law infringement.

IES Miguel Catalán, Zaragoza