Slovak HOPE Kick off 2018

Submitted by paddes on Sat, 01/12/2019 - 19:39

After the initial meetings and information campaign, our HOPE club Slovakia had its first big kick-off meeting on Friday, 19 October.

About 30 students from our school met and we discussed many topics and project activities:

  • organization of the ŽilinaMUN 2019 – basic information about organizing teams, responsibilities, organization structure, allocation
  • charities – ideas and brainstorming, first participation in the “an hour for children” initiative, Halloween ideas for fundraising
  • teambuilding activity – the participants created 8 teams (5 students each) and will take part in the Escape room activity – where they have to work together as a team and escape from a room in the best time possible. Then we will meet and analyze the successful and unsuccessful teams and the strategies to effective teamwork. After 3 weeks we will meet again and the best teams will prove their teamwork skills in the laser game competition.

We all look forward to all the challenging learning activities and personal development the HOPE project offers to everyone participating in any of them 🙂